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In the long run… January 27, 2014

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Not a PB for my 8K, but a really good run nonetheless.

Not a PB for my 8K, but a really good run nonetheless.


Ah, yes. Sunday yesterday. For most, a day of rest, but for me, the thought of my long run was on my mind all day.


All day long.


We started off by spending most of the afternoon at the Gardens by the Bay. They had some new displays at the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome and I knew my mom would enjoy both. Indeed, she did (as did we). Walking around GBTB takes hours. I’m pretty sure we strolled around for a good four hours before finally hailing a cab home. Once home, my mind immediately turned to prepping for my long run. I thought I’d be doing it solo, but Adam volunteered to run it with me.


[OK, when I say “volunteered,” what I really mean is that I kind of coaxed him into it. Like, “Do you wanna run 8K with me?” “8K??” “Yeah, it’s only 3K more than we usually run. You can do it!” So yeah…volunteered.]


It was really lovely. I feel spoiled to be able to run with my husband while my mom is at home watching Ella. I know this will all end once she flies home to Canada, but for the time being, I am truly enjoying this “date running” with Adam. Bliss!


And by “bliss” I mean “sweating profusely.”


How come during the day, the breeze is blowing consistently against me, cooling me down as I walk through tropical gardens, but in the late afternoon, when I am pounding the pavement and counting down the kilometres, the breeze is non-existent? It’s like Mother Nature is mocking me in her day-to-day activities. Cut me some slack, Momma Nature!


Yes well, I think I got my point across.


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