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HIIT me with your best shot! January 22, 2014

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The only two things I need when I do HIIT.

The only two things I need when I do HIIT.


Ever have one of those days where you’re so tired, you fall asleep at your laptop? The kind of 10 second deep sleep where your eyes are closed, but your fingers are typing something unintelligible? That happened to me today just before lunch. I was sitting at my desk, listening to classical music, getting some work done, when all of a sudden, my eyelids drooped over, my head was a-fog, but my fingers kept typing. I opened my eyes seconds later to see the following sequence of letters on my laptop screen:


gooooood audibibibib adn paceeee sssss


I think I was marking an IOP at the time. My brain tells me it should have said “good audibility and pace,” but I’m not sure…


Anyway, I came home after school and had a cup of coffee (my first of the day), then laid down for a nap. I fully expected to go for a run later in the evening, but when I woke up, I wanted to do something different. My hamstrings were tight from last night’s yoga so I didn’t necessarily want to go for a 5K run; however, I still needed to do something.


In comes HIIT.


Those of you in the know know that I’ve done this before. HIIT is a great way to condition your body and build endurance (read this article from Runner’s World for more info). I felt that I needed to do this tonight…maybe I’ll even work it into my weekly running schedule. An hour after dinner, I changed my clothes and walked downstairs to the gym. I am much more comfortable completing HIIT on the treadmill than on the track; I find it more accurate in terms of pace and time. Well, 30 minutes of HIIT and I was sweating up a storm of swords. My heart rate was up, my body was aching (in a good way), and my breathing was quick. Success!


If you feel you need a break from your regular running schedule, I highly recommend HIIT. Pat Benatar would approve.




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