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Running Mindfully January 20, 2014

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Shortly after dinner tonight, I went for my 5K run. Well, when I say “shortly,” what I really mean is nearly two hours later. Anyway, I thought I had given myself plenty of time to digest dinner and go for a good run. Well, I did have a good run, until my mind started to take control of my achievement.


I did not hit a PB. I did not run fast. I did not feel exhilarated after my run. I just ran. And I ran 5K. Period. However, as I was stretching, I was reflecting on my run and coming up with all sorts of excuses for my “bad time.”


“I ran too soon after eating. I shouldn’t have done that.”


“I’m still tired from yesterday (and the day before). I should have taken today off.”


“The wind was blowing against me; it hurt my stride.”


“Adam wasn’t with me today to help me keep pace.”


And so on and so forth. I mean, you get the drill, right?


Thankfully, I began thinking of one of my goals for 2014: to be more mindful. Then my thinking began to change.


So what have I achieved tonight? I ran 5K. Do I feel good having gone out and run? Yes. Would I have rather stayed home? Hell no! Will I go out again tomorrow? Yes. Do I remember when I could barely run at all? Yes yes!! Shouldn’t I be proud of myself, then? *hangs head in shame* Yes.


Of course, being mindful is something I need to practice on a regular basis. In fact, I find myself practicing it all the time. Taking a deep breath when things begin to bother me. Looking for the positive when faced with something negative. Letting things go.


Letting things go.


Things go.




Go run.


Go run mindfully.


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