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OMG…it’s been *how* long?? February 24, 2013

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OK, so I haven’t posted since October.



Well, I’ve been very busy. Very very busy. So busy, in fact, that my current busy makes my normal busy look lazy.

Yeah, that kind of busy.

As most of you now know, the Ashtons are making another move: this time, to the city-state of Singapore (kinda has a nice ring to it, donchathink?) so I have been busy doing paperwork, medical check-ups, and research since about mid-November. At the same time, I have been busy organizing and keeping up with my daughter’s ever-growing social calendar (how can a 5-year-old have so many things to do in any given week? It really boggles the mind!). Furthermore, as my husband comes closer to completing his MBA, I have been busy playing the role of his pseudo-agent/sounding board/editor. Of course, in between all this I am teaching three classes of IB seniors and two classes of IB juniors.


Oh, and did I mention that I am training to run a half-marathon?

Yes, you read right…a half marathon.

21.1 kilometers.

13.1 miles.

And yes, you are also correct in thinking “wtf???”

You know when you toy around with an idea for a while but never allow it to come to fruition because you’re not really sure you can do it? Well, this year, I decided to see if I could do it. And I am happy to say, I am doing it!

So far, my longest distance has been 16K.

16K!! That’s really only 5K away from 21.1K. And after you’ve run 16K, what’s another 5K anyway?

That is my attitude this year.

Plus, I am turning 40 in May and I want to say that I’ve accomplished something. Some people jump out of airplanes (no thanks), some people travel the world (been doing that for a while now), and some people buy an expensive car (why? I don’t get that…).


Me, I just want to run.




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