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01.Oct.2012 October 1, 2012

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Need I say more?

My cold is slowly getting better. Now I have sinus issues. How can such a small cavity in your face cause so much pain? If you had been home with me this morning, you would have seen me first use my neti pot, and then place my hot mug of ginger and lemon directly onto my right sinuses. The heat relieves the pain, but it’s only temporary. Well, I wasn’t gonna let a silly thing like sinus pain ruin my day! I packed my gear and headed off to school, knowing full well that I would be supervising a group of kids for our after school Running Club.

We did HIIT today.

We HIIT it!

HIIT stands for “high intensity interval training.” Today we used the track for our HIIT session. We all ran a warm up lap around the track first, then we sprinted the straight parts of the track (100m x 2) and jogged the curved parts (100m x 2). When we reached the point where we had started, I had students perform a variety of exercises. I was prepared to go easy on them today, but they said no. I said, “OK, let’s go hard,” and they said “no.” Well, what the hell do you want, then?

“We want medium.”

Really? Who does “medium” HIIT?

Anyway, so here’s my medium: after they finished the first lap, they all did 10 jumping jacks (gotta keep that heart rate up!); after the second lap: 10 crunches; third lap: 10 lunges; fourth lap: 10 squats.

After four laps we had a two-minute break, then we did the whole thing all over again. Once we finished, I asked one of the students to lead us in a cool down stretch.

It was pretty awesome, I have to say.

I think the best part of today was when I told them, “Remember, you’re not competing against each other; you’re competing against yourselves.” And they actually listened! They totally went at their own paces.

Very cool…


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