My journey through weight loss. This time, we're doing it my way!!

26.Sept.2012 September 26, 2012

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New year, new trainer. Loving those Tuesday workouts!! đŸ™‚

Don’t try to deny it.

I know you’ve missed me.

I’ve been gone a long time.

Gone, but not forgotten.

My dear friends, September has been one crazy-ass month. There, I’ve said it and I’m not taking it back. We got back to Dubai on August 24th and we have been busy-busy-busy the whole time! And not just with school, either. I’ve been working out, I’ve been running; however, every time I wanted to post something to my blog, something else got in the way. I am not kidding. It’s actually 10:15pm right now…I should be getting ready for bed, but instead, my conscience has insisted that I write this post. So, here I am…

I have begun my bootcamp training again. Now that Brendan has moved back to Australia with his family, I am working out with Emily (another Aussie). What’s with all the Aussies, anyway?? They are crazy!! She will stand over me and watch me as I do my workouts…I feel so intimidated…and yet, I am secretly happy that she’s doing it. “Ooh! She’s paying attention to me!” It’s like she’s the cool girl at school, but instead, she is the crazy-workout-lady. But it’s all paying off. I have lost nearly a kilo since I’ve started working out with her, and it’s only gonna get better from here. I’ve cut out beer on weekday evenings (Nooooooooooo!) and I think that has made quite the difference. And yes, I have been juicing, juicing, juicing. I even found a place here that sells kale; heck, they even deliver it! I place an order each week with two of my friends, and get fresh kale delivered to my door. How cool is that?

Also, guess who is now the supervisor for the DAA running club? Yep, that’s right! It’s me!! Twice a week, a group of students and I head out after school and go for a run. We do various things; last Sunday, we ran from school to Barsha park, once around, then back for a good 4.5K. Today, we did a killer stair/interval running workout for a total of 3K. Next week, I’ve got some HIIT planned for them. Hold me back!!

But don’t hold me back from blogging…I like it too much!!


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