My journey through weight loss. This time, we're doing it my way!!

June.28.2012 June 28, 2012

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Can’t wait to break these bad boys in! 🙂

Well readers, the Ashtons are finally back on Canadian soil. It’s been a hectic and exhaustive journey, but we made it (albeit still a little jet lagged, but I’ll get over that soon enough).

I haven’t been out running yet, mainly because my PF has been hurting even more since we arrived. Adam called our massage therapist today, but he’s not back in until Tuesday. I am hoping that he will be able to relieve this relentless pain. And yes, I am icing and stretching, but it’s bringing tears to my eyes! 😦 I was so depressed yesterday…I nearly fell into one of my funks. However, I talked myself out of it (so positive thinking does work!) and went for a walk with Adam instead. Today, I went out and bought a new pair of running shoes: New Balance 660’s. Very comfy, lightweight, and on sale to boot! Looking forward to breaking these babies in, and soon!

So how are we doing with the juicing? Quite well, actually. My mother-in-law bought a juicer (we stay with my in-laws over the summer…I should have a separate blog about that!) so we have been juicing since Monday. Oh, it’s been so good to get back into it! I know we’ve only been doing it for a short while, but I really missed it. It’s amazing how quickly your body adapts to things. I think this is one of the most significant changes we’ve made to our lives, and it’s affecting us (and others) in very positive ways!

Case in point:

My MIL has always had extremely high blood pressure; in fact, she’s been on meds since her mid-20’s. She has been eating a vegan diet and juicing now for about three weeks, and already her blood pressure is normal…on a consistent basis! She is now off her meds for the first time in 40 years and swears she has never felt better!

I’m not selling anything on an infomercial here, I am only stating facts. If what we were doing was BS, I would call it BS.

Hey, I’m no martyr. I’m Canadian, for God’s sake. I love ice-cold Canadian beer…you think I’m gonna give that up, especially during the summer months? No way! I’m not crazy! I just don’t want to be uninformed about my health anymore. Everything in moderation, that’s my motto. Adam and I are not yet vegan, but we are both very conscious of what goes into our meals.

It’s like what I’ve been discussing with my bff Christina and my friend Tammy: you can be vegan all you want. Hell, chips are vegan! So is white bread! So is a lot of shit that’s sold at “health food” stores. Being vegan does not equal being healthy.

Another case in point:

Almond milk. Sounds good, right? It’s vegan; no animal products whatsoever. But…

Have you ever looked at the ingredient list of a typical tetra pack of almond milk? Gross! I can’t even pronounce most of the stuff that’s in it! What the heck is carrageenan, anyway?? (incidentally, I discovered that it is a vegetarian or vegan alternative to gelatin, which is an animal product). Still…who knew? So we searched high and low to find some almond milk that has ingredients we understand. Finally found it at Goodness Me here in Hamilton.

My point is that it is up to us–individually–to be responsible for our bodies. We need to educate ourselves and understand what we are eating. If it’s processed, then chances are, it’s just not good for you. Read the literature. Watch the documentaries. Go online and do your own research. It’s amazing what you will find. Eventually, you will discover your own level of comfort with the food that you consume.


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