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June.17.2012 June 17, 2012

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It’s a holiday today in Dubai–not because it’s Father’s Day, but because today is Lailat al Miraj, or The Prophet’s Ascension. It’s nice to have a three-day weekend to end our last week of school. Of course, this doesn’t mean I get to take a holiday from working out…I wish!

Why can’t I be like those people who have über-metabolisms and never have to work out?



I slept in this morning until just after 7am (yes, that is a sleep-in for me now). I slowly got ready (no need to rush since I didn’t have to go into school) and eventually made my way over to the gym. Man, it was hot this morning! Like, hella-hot! Yikes!! Don’t wanna run in that heat!!

I did my circuit training plus just under 5K on the bike. Oh man, the stationary bike is so boring!! I had the music playing, so I tried to concentrate on that, but all I really kept doing was looking at the numbers on the screen. Heart rate, mileage, calories, distance, level, boring, boring, boring. To top it off, I found out that you don’t really burn a lot of calories riding that stupid thing. I burn twice as much running in half the time. Man, I can’t wait to be back in Ontario so I can start running again!!

Is there a more boring way to get your cardio in? I think not…

We had our morning juicy-juice, then Ella and I took Adam out for the day: lunch, lounging, laughing. Actually, it was a pretty great afternoon, I must say. Love these kinda days!

So, we’ve got 3.5 days of official school left, and that includes one more official workout with Brendan on Tuesday. He and his family will be heading back to Australia this summer, and he’s not coming back in September. You know, as crazy as he is, and as exhausting as his workouts are, I am going to miss that guy. No one has ever been able to push me as hard as he can, and for that, I am forever grateful. 🙂 Thanks, Brendan!!


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