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June.12.2012 June 13, 2012

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I would not have believed it had I not done it myself.

On Sunday evening, I got a message from my friend Martha saying that Brendan’s class that day was “horrific.” Hmm…really? What do you mean by that? It couldn’t possibly have been that bad, could it?

Well, I certainly found out.

Yesterday, Brendan’s workout was called “Hardcore.” Wondering what that means? Here, check it out:


As you can see, our warmup (warmup!) consisted of 30 jumping jacks (or walking lunges, in my case), 10 burpees, 20 squats, and 10 push-ups…five times! Without stopping!

Oh, but then we started our actual workout! What joy! What fun!! I hope I never have to do another squishy frog ever, EVER again! We worked our legs and arms so much, I’m surprised I was able to walk to school this morning (or walk home last night, for that matter!) I was so exhausted after yesterday’s brutal workout that I literally came home, showered, and passed out on the couch. (OK, maybe passed out isn’t the right term to use…how about comatose? Is that better??)

Forgot to mention…we did the entire workout twice.


I’m crying just thinking about it! 😦

Oh Martha, you were right! I will never doubt you again!!


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