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A Raw Deal May 27, 2012

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Hug me! Hug me!!

It’s funny how certain things come along in your life just as you need them. It’s almost like the universe is watching over you at all times, and right at that moment when you are about to give up, or give way, or give it a go, something happens. Something that affirms your thoughts and makes you think, “Alright, things are going to be okay.”

Maybe not always, but sometimes.

Lately, Adam and I have been toying with the idea of adopting a more “raw” lifestyle. What I mean is that we’ve been considering eating a more raw diet: fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, juicing…you know, like that. Some of our colleagues are a part of this lifestyle (I refuse to say “diet” because it’s not a diet to lose weight; it’s a way of life) and they are very healthy, energetic, and fit. I’ve been vegetarian now for nearly eight years, so this wouldn’t be a major change in my life; what would be difficult is giving up all the yummy, salty, and savory things that I love.

So we’ve been doing some research, checking out websites, talking to people, but really, we hadn’t made any definite decision.

Until last Sunday night.

On that Sunday, we received the devastating and heartbreaking news that a very close family member had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. You know when something hits you like a cannon ball to the gut? That’s how I felt. Just absolutely floored. So, after much crying and talking and breathing and reassuring, we decided that we need to take control of our lives and stop letting food (or at least, nasty food) control us.

The next day, I talked to a couple of the colleagues I mentioned above and they were a plethora of information. It was recommended that I read a book called Crazy Sexy Diet (written by a cancer survivor) and watch a documentary called Forks over Knives. I downloaded the book to my Kobo the next day, and we both watched FoK on Thursday night.


What in the hell have we been doing to our bodies??

Since Tuesday for me, and Wednesday for Adam, we’ve been trying to eat as much plant-based food as possible. Can we go totally raw? Probably not, but if we can eat raw close to 80% of the time, I’ll be happy (and my body will be happy, too!)

My breakfast consists of a 1/4 cup of granola with fresh or dried fruit. (I know, the granola is not “raw” but remember, this is a work-in-progress)

Snacks throughout the day include almonds, cashews, dried apricots, dates, dried figs, apples, strawberries, grapes, etc.

Lunch is a cucumber, tomato, and olive salad with sumac and extra virgin olive oil.

Dinner is when we have the un-raw: bok choy and tofu soup (soooo good!); whole grain quinoa and veggie stew (yum!); etc.

See? Not completely raw, but close. We still have a lot of research to do and we’re still trying to organize our weekly meals, but we’ll get there.

Now, you may be asking yourselves, what does one have to do with the other? Why raw and not just vegetarian? What’s the cancer link?

The cancer link is this: foods like meat, dairy, and highly refined carbs increase our risk for both cancer and heart disease. Both of these diseases run in our families. I don’t want to be reactive about my lifestyle; I want to be proactive. I want my body to get used to all the goodness that’s around me and help prevent any diseases from infringing on my life.

Listen, I’m not here to be preachy; that’s certainly not my intention. I’m just telling you, as my supporters, what I am doing for me. It has been nearly a week now and I feel great. We bought a juicer over the weekend because we’re hoping to make juicing a part of our lifestyle as well.

If you’d like more information about anything I’ve written here, you can check out the following sites:

Forks over Knives

Crazy Sexy Life

I will be posting more about our new lifestyle as changes take place. I will also post any prognosis regarding our family member. We are all going to get through this together, one healthy step at a time.


2 Responses to “A Raw Deal”

  1. Tammy Burke Says:

    It will be a year tomorrow since my mom died of breast cancer – I still can hardly believe it. I’m heading over to those sites now! BTW, love your blog 🙂

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