My journey through weight loss. This time, we're doing it my way!!

May.8.2012 May 8, 2012

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Ugh! I really have to get my eating in check. But, food, why?? Why do you love me so? And why do I love you back?? I know it’s my eating that is keeping me from reaching my goals…it’s not even that I am eating processed or fast food. It’s because I eat late. Once Adam and I finally sit down at night (after the dishes have been done, and Ella has been bathed and put to bed), it is our time to chillax with each other. More times than not, we each have a pint of beer (why must you taste so good, beer?) and a bowl of chips.


I know the chips are doing me in (not to mention the beer!) but it’s like there’s something inside me that is screaming, “I need a savory treat! Bring me a bag of chips! Bring me crackers! Bring me hot buttery popcorn!” and I meekly reply, “Yes ma’am!” and sit down to a salty snack. I need to nibble on something (let’s keep it clean, folks! This is a family blog center…) and I’m wondering what I can replace these horrible (but oh, so yummy!) snacks with. Any suggestions out there…?

Having said that, I did get up this morning and go for another run. This time, I did some HIIT work. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. I sprinted 100 meters along the straight sides of the track, then jogged the bends. I repeated this for about 3.3K; it took me about 25 minutes. This type of training is supposed to help build up your endurance. I need to research it more to see what my next step will be and how I should organize my HIIT training with my regular runs. Once I figure something out, I’ll post it here.

Oh, and don’t worry…I’m still going for my Tyrannical Tuesday session this afternoon with Brendan. I’m sure he has something wicked awful in store for us!

HIIT me with your rhythm stick…


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