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Apr.28.2012 April 30, 2012

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Medals and smiles all around!!

Wow! What a weekend!! I can’t believe it’s already come and gone. My 10K dream is over; now I can start to think of other, loftier goals.

My weekend was so busy that I barely had time to think of the race. By the time Friday night rolled around, I started to get some butterflies in my stomach. I knew I could do it, but there was that little part of me that was doubtful: What if I can’t? What if I have to walk? What if I don’t finish?

My response (to myself) was: Who cares?

First of all, I knew I could do it. After all, I had done it before. Furthermore, so what if I have to walk? I’m not an Olympian! If I have to walk, I’ll walk. And finally, pfft. Please. Not finish? Seriously?? My pride would never let me do that…

So Saturday morning I woke up at 4:30am to get ready and eat some breakfast (granola and yogurt…yum!) Cynthia’s mom drove us to the Dubai 7’s Stadium, so I was ready at 5:30 when they picked me up. I had all my gear: running clothes, hat, towel, water, iPhone. Yup, I was ready to go!

We got to the stadium in good time; in fact we still had nearly 45 min before the race started at 7am. We sat around, chit-chatted, looked at the other runners, giggled nervously…you know, regular stuff you do just before a big race! Then at 6:55am we walked over to the starting line. The musty smell of underarms, body odor, and nerves wafted over us (no one said running was a pretty sport!). Before I knew it, the race had begun! What a rush!!

Cynthia and I agreed to keep a slow, steady pace throughout the race, and then take other runners over as they ran out of energy (all part of our master plan!) It was a two lap race over a smooth, fairly flat course (aside from one hill at the 1K mark). We ran, we talked, we watched other runners as they ran past, or stopped for water, or stopped to walk. Before we knew it, we had hit the 5K mark! What?? But it all happened so fast!! We held a steady pace, and slowly overtook the other runners (just like we had planned!) The final 2K was difficult as the sun was blasting its rays onto our backs. Oh Dubai sun, why must you mock me??

We actually finished with a new PR of 1:11:52! We were ecstatic!! I still can’t believe I ran all that distance without stopping once! Truly, it was awesome! Remember the other day when I wrote about endorphins? Well, the endorphins were in full-force that day!

To top it all off, Cynthia came in first place for her age group! Way to go, Cyn!! 🙂

I think I can now start training for a half-marathon. It might take me a year to do this, but I am looking forward to the challenge. What I want to really do right now is improve my 5K and 10K time; this means more training. But who cares? I am doing something that I love, and that’s what’s important, right??


So proud of myself!! 🙂


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