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Apr.22.2012 April 22, 2012

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Building up to the 10K for this weekend! 🙂


You know you’re a runner when…


…all you do during the day is think about getting outside after work to go for a run.


I love this feeling! 🙂


The countdown is on! This Saturday, April 28th I will be running my first Dubai 10K with my running buddy, Cynthia. I am super-über-stoked about it! Today we ran 8K at a nice, steady pace. It was hot, but not uncomfortable. As we were finishing up, we noticed a bunch of kids coming through the school and out to the track; they looked like a running group. I asked one of the adults there and sure enough, it’s a Track Club for kids aged 7-17. I love it!! I can’t wait to enroll Ella into one of these camps. She’s always telling me she wants to run with me when she gets “bigger.” I can’t think of anything more satisfying than running with my daughter! In the past, she has run 3 laps with me, but then I made her stop. As she gets older, though, and stronger, I see no reason why she couldn’t run two, maybe even three, kilometers with me.

The joys of running are many, and I am grateful for them all! 🙂


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