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Apr.18.2012 April 20, 2012

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8K of goodness...



How can it be hot and cool at the same time?

I’m no meteorologist, but it seems kinda contradictory, no? Well, that’s what the weather was like on Wednesday. Hot hot hot and cool cool cool.

The sun was shining bright and it was HOT! Every time we were in the sun, I could feel the sweat forming on my face. It’s especially nasty when it runs into your eyes and stings them. Ugh! I hate that feeling!

As we’d run the curve of the track, we’d feel a breeze…a nice cool breeze. Like, I-just-opened-the-refrigerator kinda cool. Man, that was nice…


We only ran 8K on Wednesday (hah! I love that I can say “only 8K”! A few years ago, it was “only 100 meters”!) because we are saving our energy for our big race next Saturday. I can’t believe it’s only a week away!! Blargh!!


But I’m not anxious anymore, nor am I nervous. It is what it is. A 10K race. Nothing daunting. Just running.


And that’s how it should be.


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