My journey through weight loss. This time, we're doing it my way!!

Apr.11.2012 April 12, 2012

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New PR for 9K!!!!


I feel so incredible.


Yesterday, Cynthia and I ran another 9K and we beat our previous PR by 12 seconds! What?? Am I dreaming, or is this really happening??

Ouch. I just pinched myself. It’s real.

(that’s gonna leave a mark…)


In more good news:

I happened to catch a glimpse of my legs as I walked by our full-length mirror yesterday. Full legs: thighs and calves (clearly, I was not wearing pants…). I actually walked back to make sure I was not deluding myself. I know I saw what I saw.

What I saw were two smokin’ hot legs!

Say what…??

Yes, my legs are muscley in all the right places. They are strong. They are fit. They look nice.

So maybe I haven’t lost all 30 of those pounds I set out to lose when I started this journey. But I can honestly say that I am now healthier and happier than I was. Isn’t that even better?


I’m wearing a skirt today + heels (of course!) and I know my legs look great. Maybe I will even look into buying a pair of running shorts this weekend…

OK, let’s not get carried away! I may feel more confident, but I think I’m still too shy to show that much leg.

Or am I…? 😉


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