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Apr.7.2012 April 7, 2012

Filed under: Thoughts and Things... — ladyashton @ 1:27 pm

heh heh heh...headwind...


…and it was another scorcher here in Dubai. This time, I was smart. I waited until 5:30 before I went for my 8K run. You know what? I’ve determined that the heat really affects my body when I run (gee, no kidding!). No really, today I ran the entire 8K without stopping, without feeling overly tired, without feeling like my legs were giant blocks of concrete. It was great!

And I learned a new trick!

I ran only on the outside lane (that’s lane 6 for all my trackie friends); thus, I only had to run 16 laps instead of 20. Yeah, I know it’s still the same distance, but it’s all about the psychology! Whenever I can trick my mind into doing something that seems faster/better/easier, I will do it!

There was a strong headwind tonight, too, which may account for my slower pace (either that, or Cynthia makes me run faster, I’m not sure). Anyway, I like saying “headwind” because it sounds naughty.

Headwind. LOL!


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