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Apr.5.2012 April 5, 2012

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One more 8K to go...then it'll be 9K next week! Ack!!

Remember the other day when I told you how hot it was outside? Humid…sticky…gross?

Yeah, well let’s take that, subtract “humid”, add “freakin’ hot”, and you will get today’s weather…at 9am…in the morning (hence the “a.m”). It was close to 40C outside. Methinks it’s getting even hotter as I type this!

You know, I’ve lived in the Middle East since 2004. I know it gets hotter than hot, I know it’s like walking into an oven when you walk outside. Hey, I get it. I may be an English Lit major, but I understand geography and meteorology quite well, thank-you-very-much.

It’s just that, every year, at this time (sometimes even earlier), I marvel at how quickly the weather changes from mild and pleasant (you know, like you can easily walk around in a t-shirt and capri pants…maybe you have a light sweater with you) to sweltering and uncomfortable (you know, like you want to rip off your clothes and jump into the nearest fountain, regardless of any indecency laws).

When I lived in Canada, I always felt the same way about people driving when it started to snow. It was like every year, people forget that Southern Ontario gets hit with blasts of snowstorms and then forget how to drive in it, walk in it, or do anything in it.

This time, though, it’s me who keeps forgetting.

I walked Ella over to her day camp this morning and met Cynthia at the track. The track team was still out there (had they even left since Tuesday? I’m not sure…), sprinting, running relays, jumping hurdles, throwing discus. And then there was me: tank top (less tan lines!), running pants (rolled up to expose more skin to the sun gods!), hat (gotta shield mah eyes!)…I was ready! I was set! LET’S GO!!

Holy mother of God (sidebar: why do people say that? does God have a mother?). It was sweltering…sweltering!! I can’t count the number of times we stopped for water. I think I need to bring at least two bottles with me next time (maybe even three), just to ensure that my thirst will be quenched when it needs to be. OK, this is how hot it was: my water bottle was in the freezer before I left for school; it was ice-cold (sweet!). By the time we stopped for our first water break, it tasted like lukewarm soup, sans flavor, sans anything. Ugh! It was gross! And I had my bottle in the shade, too!

Anyway, I digress (as I always do…)

We finished our 8K and sat ourselves down in the shade to cool off a bit. Cynthia had brought us a treat: frozen orange wedges! OMG, they tasted like orange popsicles (my fave!) but without the extra calories. I finished off an entire orange myself!! They were deeeee-lish!! I am mos def picking up some oranges today to cut up and throw in the freezer. What a refreshing treat after such a hard, hot run! Thanks Cyn!! ❤

Next run will hopefully be Saturday. Maybe I should just wear my bathing suit…


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