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Mar.12.2012 March 13, 2012

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Feels so good to run an effortless 5K!


My running partner was unable to join me yesterday for a run. I was on my own. Me, my running shoes, and the track.

Oh, I thought of ways to not run. To not get out there. I had lots of excuses:


I was sleep deprived (reading until 1am will do that to a person).
I had a crap-load of grading to complete (don’t I always?)
I didn’t feel good (meh…sore throat, bit of the sniffles)
I was lazy (aren’t I always?)


In the end, I knew that if I didn’t go, I would just regret it and beat myself up about it all night. So at 3pm, I walked over to the bathroom, changed my clothes, and got out onto the track. It was a beautiful day: sun shining, warm breeze…you can feel summer in the air.

The track team was also out there for practice. I smiled each time I heard “Hi Ms. Ashton” and “Good job, Ms. Ashton” and “My God! How many laps are you running, Ms. Ashton??” That one was my favorite. 🙂

I actually didn’t run too many; the truth is, I lost count. I set my Nike+ app for 5K so when I had reached my goal, I stopped running. And you know what? It was great. As always, I felt so good having done it.

Thanks, voice of reason, for not allowing me to listen to my voice of doubt.



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