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Mar.7.2012 March 7, 2012

Filed under: Thoughts and Things... — ladyashton @ 12:10 pm

Can you say “8K”?

I can.

8K in under an hour. I feel freakin' great!! 🙂

I just did it. Twenty laps around the track, non-stop, with Cynthia in tow. She must be some sort of lucky charm or something; she’s certainly brought my energy back!!

I’m still a little stunned. I haven’t run this far in over a year. I am super-stoked!!

Next goal? 10K. This time, I doubt it will seem so elusive…


One Response to “Mar.7.2012”

  1. cynthiavm Says:

    Lucky charm?! HARDLY.
    I didn’t run the 8km FOR you. I ran it WITH you : )
    You did the 8km all on your own too ahahha


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