My journey through weight loss. This time, we're doing it my way!!

Mar.6.2012 March 6, 2012

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I really needed this workout today.

I have been grading, grading, sending emails, grading, teaching, teaching, meeting, and other gerunds all day. Somewhere in there I also drank coffee and went to the bathroom (I think…I can’t really remember)

Brendan is still away, but that didn’t stop me and two other friends from working out. We did the same workout that I did on Monday; the difference was that on Monday I didn’t have anyone to talk to. That didn’t make me veer off schedule, though. I kept us all on track; at one point, I said, “OK, break’s over,” and Denise said, “What are you doing? Timing us?”

My response?


That elicited a good laugh. Well, come on…just because Brendan’s not here, doesn’t mean we can slack off, right? Plus, I’m sure he has super-human powers; in fact, I think he can see and hear us when we’re in the gym. That must be why the a/c isn’t working…

I'd rather be healthy than have a million dollars (wait, what??)

Tomorrow I am going to attempt that elusive 8K I keep talking about. Wish me luck!! 🙂


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