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Feb.28.2012 February 29, 2012

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After pull-ups, I'd say burpees are my least favorite exercise.


The last Tyrannical Tuesday of February. What a month…

Our workout today was called “Upper, Lower, Whole,” or as I heard it “Upper/Lower Hole.” My version brings to mind dirty thoughts, so I was glad when Brendan clarified it for me.

The concept of this workout was to work our upper body, then lower body, then the whole body. For instance, our first round was shoulder press (upper body), followed by split squats (lower body), and then burpees (whole body). We did each move 10 times for 3 sets (no resting in between sets, of course). After the 3rd set, we rode the bike for a kilometer, as fast as we could, then rested for one minute. Man, Denise and I could barely talk after that! This concept was repeated six, maybe 8 times (no, probably six). Of course, my arch-nemesis, the pull-up, was included somewhere in the mix. I nearly cried when Brendan said we had to do 10 pull-ups. Why can’t I overcome my fear (and hatred) of this one move?? Granted, I’m much better than I used to be, but I still struggle (literally and figuratively) with it each time. One day, pull-ups, one day…

Today I plan to continue my 8K training. Weather seems good, so I’m hoping to complete at least 5K today (aiming for 6). I’ve asked one of my students if she’d like to come with me; it’ll be nice to have a running partner for a change. 🙂


2 Responses to “Feb.28.2012”

  1. muzznmish Says:

    Did you know that there is a version of burpees that include a pull-up? You do your regular burpee then when you jump up you grab the pull up bar and do a pull up. THAT is pain and then some!

    But keep up the battle! You’re doing great!

    • ladyashton Says:

      OMG Michelle! Don’t tell me that!! I am cringing just thinking about it!
      Thanks again for the encouragement, though. I’m not quite where I want to be yet, but I am certainly enjoying the journey! 🙂

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