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Feb.27.2012 February 27, 2012

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I had forgotten how hot it can get here in Dubai.

We had a sandstorm yesterday (albeit, not as bad as the ones we used to get in Kuwait!) so I was curious whether it would be suitable for me to run today. As it turns out, the sun was shining and the air was warm this morning as we walked to school. Of course, by 3:30, the weather had become just a bit warmer. Egads…

Never mind. The gear got put on and the shoes got laced up. I was ready. Still not sure if I’m going to register for that 8K next month; I’m still in “training” mode, so we’ll see. I ran just over 4K today, and the only reason I didn’t continue is because I accidentally hit the “stop” button on my iPhone instead of the “pause” button (I had stopped to take a drink of water…I was parched!). I hate when that happens. I wanted to continue, but the OCD side of me knew that my pace and distance would be all messed up in my run history; however, I am still proud that I ran 4.18K…it’s better than no K, right??

Here’s to longer runs and warmer days (but not too warm!)

The day the warm weather began...


2 Responses to “Feb.27.2012”

  1. Aysen Says:

    Where u at the bucket run lol?
    I know the dust was a set back for us too but Dana stil run by the walk
    But today was wonderful
    Guess where we were ?? sorry could not contact u
    it’s hard when not alone next time hopefully
    Kosebasi was Kosebasi ;)) we are back in
    Kuwait tomorrow work

    • ladyashton Says:

      Hi Aysen! No, LOL, I wasn’t at the bucket run! Imagine KFC sponsoring a race…it seems like a joke!
      So sorry I missed you…would have loved to have seen both you and Dana! Next time for sure. Please let me know when you’ll be in town again! Optum seni!! Miss you!!!

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