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Days 62 & 64 & a Week of Sickness January 23, 2012

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Remember when I said that the previous week was a crazy week? Well, I’d rather have that week back because this past week has been the week of sickness. And not my own sickness, either (although I do feel a tickle in my throat). No, instead I’ve been nursing my daughter who has had a high fever since Sunday. Is there anything worse than a sick child, especially your own? I don’t think so…


On Sunday we had to cancel Ella’s swim lesson because her fever was just too high. Even though I had brought my workout gear to school, I just didn’t feel right sending her home with daddy while I stayed back to work out, so Sunday was a write off. I took the day off on Monday to take care of her; by the time Adam came home, I was ready to go for a run, if only to just clear my mind. It had been a very exhausting day. I ran twelve beautiful laps in the most perfect weather imaginable.

Zen Run

Tuesday proved to be even more problematic as Ella’s fever really shot up; I thus re-scheduled my Tyrannical Tuesday workout to Wednesday. I was going on fumes by that point; Ella’s illness had not only left her with sleepless nights, but me as well.


On Wednesday I pushed myself to go see Brendan. It was a really tough workout (in more ways than one!). He called it “One to Five, Five to One.” At the time I was intrigued by the title of his plan, but once we got started, I realized that I was in for a major beating.


Imagine a 50 meter portion of track (maybe less, but my depth perception isn’t that good). We started at the 25 meter mark and ran to the 50 meter mark, ran backwards to the start point (the zero meter mark), then ran forward to the 25 meter mark. We then got down onto the mats and performed one push-up, jumped up, and started again. This time, we did the running portion twice, then two push-ups (is this making sense to you?), all the way up to five. Then we worked backward: we ran five times, did five push-ups, and worked our way back down to one. Instead of a rest, he made us do 5 burpees when we were done! Egads!!


But, my dear friends, that was not the end of it. Once we had rested for a few minutes, we were back on track (literally) to do another set of “One to Five, Five to One.” For this one, however, he made a few modifications…


The first one we ran ( just like before, forward and backward), but instead of doing a push-up, we performed a “squishy frog” (you lie on your back with your legs outstretched and your arms up over your head; crunch up, and bring your knees up and in, as if you are “squishing” your body). The second one, we skipped, both forward and backward (+ 2 squishy frogs); third one, we ran sideways (+ 3 squishy frogs); fourth, we did grapevine (+ 4 squishy frogs); finally, we did high knees, forward and backward (+ 5 squishy frogs). Once we finished this, we of course did the whole thing backwards starting from five. Let me tell you, my thighs were BURNING!!! Quiver, shake, burn…that’s what it was like the rest of the night (and the following day).


I can’t honestly say I’ve done much since then. Between taking care of Ella and trying to take care of myself, I am utterly exhausted; however, I hope to go for a run some time this afternoon. It’s quite cool out, but I figure I will throw on a sweater and work through it. I just hope my sore throat doesn’t keep me off my feet! Wish me luck!!


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