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Day 50 – Tyrannical Track Workout January 4, 2012

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My body has disappeared into the ether...

Yesterday…I thought…I was going…to die.


Brendan wanted to do track work yesterday as part of our Tyrannical Tuesday sessions. I thought, “This is great! I love the track! This is going to be awesome!” Now picture it: me walking out onto the track, the cool breeze blowing my ponytail out behind me, the sun just setting behind the school. This, I was sure, would be the perfect workout.


We started with a warmup run around the track…easy pace, no rushing. And then it happened.


Brendan happened.


I’m not sure how to describe it to you except to say that it was holy hell. I will list it for you here so that you, too, can feel my pain. Please keep in mind that the following moves were done quickly without any breaks in between:


1. Sprint 100 meters.

2. Ten wide steps sideways starting with the right foot.

3. Ten wide steps sideways starting with the left foot.

4. Run backwards down the rest of the track (about 80 meters).

5. Ten pushups (God, I hate pushups!)

6. Grapevine down the track, leading with the right foot (50 meters).

7. Grapevine down the track, leading with the left foot (50 meters).

8. Forty (yes, I said forty!) mountain climbers.

9. Sprint 100 meters.

10. Sixteen step-ups on the risers.

11. Running sideways down the track (first leading with the right foot, then the left).

12. Five burpies.

13. Sprint 100 meters.

14. Rest for two minutes.


We did this four times…FOUR TIMES!! Seriously, my heart was pounding outside of my chest! The funny thing is, Brendan kept asking me how my legs felt…well, my legs felt fine. I put this down to all the running I’ve been doing…clearly, my leg muscles have become stronger and can withstand any relentless pain. Or so I thought…


By the time the fourth set was finished, my legs were burning. I don’t know how I walked home. When I got in, I sat down at the dining room table and looked down at my legs. I tried to move them, but I couldn’t, so I just sat there. After what seemed like hours (it was only a few minutes), I finally got up and made my way to the bedroom. All I wanted to do was lie down and allow my legs some time to finish convulsing. Oh, the horror! The horror!! I console myself now by telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end.


Fit, fabulous, and 40! (if I can make it ’til then…)


2 Responses to “Day 50 – Tyrannical Track Workout”

  1. Brendan Says:

    I knew that it was your 50th day in training so wanted to make it a special one for you!!

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