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Day 34 – The Ghost of Workouts Past December 19, 2011

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Brendan and his family are in Australia for the next two weeks, so my workout efforts will be based on my own willpower. I was at school today getting some things done (yes, I’m on holiday, but the work of a teacher is never done…) and I decided to hit the gym afterward. It felt kind of lonely in there; when I walked in, the lights were off, and the equipment looked deserted. “Don’t worry, equipment,” I said, “I am about to bring you to life!” I remembered how it felt to be in there with my trainer and my training team…I knew I had to make them proud!


I set up my own workout using the 10-15-20-10 method. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Back kick with shoulder press

2. Lat pull down

3. Push ups

4. Sumo squat with tricep extension

5. Tricep kickbacks

6. Bicep curls

7. Shoulder press

8. Crunches x 60

9. Jump rope x 100

I wrote these on the whiteboard, set up my stations, and got started. I worked through each move with precision and focus; even when I wanted to stop, I imagined Brendan’s face in mine, telling me to push harder, that I could do it. I only stopped to rest for a minute in between sets. The 10-rep set took me about 9 minutes each, the 15-rep set took about 12 minutes, and the 20-rep set took me about 14:20 (yes, I timed myself). According to my awesome math skills, this entire workout took me approximately 45 minutes to complete. Wow. I was kind of surprised when I added up the numbers. It seemed like such a short time, but I guess when you are completely focused, time can seem to move faster than you expect.


I am planning to go for a run this afternoon. I will wait, however, until the sun starts to set; otherwise, it can get quite hot out there. I guess the fear (and the pride) that Brendan has instilled in me is having a positive effect. 🙂

There was no one at the gym to take my picture, but I imagine this is what I looked like doing the back kick with shoulder press.


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