My journey through weight loss. This time, we're doing it my way!!

Day 27 – Awwwww Yeah!! December 11, 2011

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I love my iPhone.


My husband gave me an iPhone for my birthday back in May. I take it with me everywhere. It is like an extension of my arm. One time, I thought I lost my iPhone. I ran frantically around the school, screaming its name: “iPhoooooone!! iPhooooooooone!! Where are you?? Come back to me, my love!!” I cried tech tears of loss that day. Luckily for me (and those slowly sidestepping my advances), I remembered that I left it in the car. Phew! Since that time, I never let my iPhone out of my sight. Who says Ella is an only child? Not I…


But let’s make one thing clear: the iPhone sucks on battery juice. I swear I had that thing charged up yesterday, and by the end of the day today, I only had 20% battery power left…hardly enough to take with me on my run tonight! Boo hoo…


Thus, sweet reader, I ran 10 laps without my precious iPhone. I kept glancing at my right hand as if it would magically appear, but alas, it did not (and that’s probably a good thing, too. I’m sure I would have been freaked right out!) Thing is, I had such a good pace going, I’m sure I beat my pace from before. I was probably at a good 7:18 or 7:17, but I have no proof! Sad face… 😦


After my wicked-awesome-fast-paced-run, I joined my friend Amanda and headed for the gym. She also works out with Brendan, but she also happens to be Australian, so she can take his s*** better than I can. We created our own circuit from the moves that B has shown us. Seven moves, four sets, reps of 10, 15, 20, and 10. Not bad…we were sweatin’ up a storm (it also helped that the air conditioning wasn’t on…egads!) Amanda and I agreed that we should do this together at least 3 other times a week (in addition to Tyrannical Tuesdays). We will be fit and fabulous in no time!


One other thing I noticed today: mirrors. Usually, mirrors are my most mortal enemy. The elevator in our building has four walls of mirrors. I dread getting on each day; it’s like looking into one of those carnival mirrors…all my wobbly bits on display for the world to see (or just those on the elevator with me). However, today was a bit different. I stepped onto the elevator on the way up to my flat and noticed my legs. My fit legs. My toned legs. My hot legs!! Wow! When did that happen?? I have strong, fit legs! They are not super-model legs, nor are they elite athlete legs, but they are toned and shapely. You know what? I’m beginning to like those elevator mirrors now…

My love! Never leave me!!


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