My journey through weight loss. This time, we're doing it my way!!

Day 18 – It’s been a long and bumpy week… December 2, 2011

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It has been a rough week, my friends.


They say good news comes in 3’s…I’m assuming this means bad news as well. If so, then I will chalk up Tuesday’s Tyrannical workout as number three. I won’t bother telling you about the other two…suffice it to say that I’m working on my breathing and adjusting to the fact that sometimes, things don’t work out the way I want. It’s all good in the hood, as they say (whoever they are!)


It all started with the words “hot legs“…


I walked into the gym on Tuesday evening and my two partners-in-thighs were already there, warming up on the stationary bikes. As I walked towards them, they both said “Hey! Hot legs!!” Naturally, I assumed that they were talking about my own legs! I smiled to myself and thought “Yeah baby, my legs are looking hot!” Unfortunately, this was not exactly what they meant…


Hot Legs refers to this killer workout that Brendan has created for us. It is one full hour of intense leg and butt exercises. And when I say “intense,” I mean writhing-in-pain-holy-crap-my-leg-is-going-to-come-out-of-its-socket kinda intense. He put us through every kind of step, squat, lunge, burpie, mountain climber, policeman tip (I’d never even heard of that one!), running, peeing dog, floor exercise you can think of. I felt like my legs were on fire! At one point, Jen told us that the last time she did “hot legs,” she was in so much pain the next day that she couldn’t sit on the commode without holding onto the sink with both hands! Now that’s hot legs!!


I didn’t think I would experience such problems; I tend to think I can take a lot of pain when it comes to exercise. I like to exert myself, push myself, to see how far I can go. However, it’s always the days after these types of workouts that I feel the effects. Sure enough, the next day in school, I was holding onto the arm rest of my ergonomically-correct teacher’s chair before I could sit my butt down. And even when my butt did sit down, I felt the pain of my muscles flexing…my thigh and calf  muscles were still on fire. Holy crap. Well, if I wasn’t hot legs before, I certainly was now…


Wednesday night I was in no condition to workout; instead, I stayed home and kept my muscles warm by putting the heating pad on my legs. Thursday night I went out and indulged in a number of imbibements to take both the emotional and physical pain away. Today, I was just lazy. Hey, at least I’m being honest with you…


Tomorrow I am back at the track, looking to run that elusive 5K I was talking about last week. I hope my hot legs can keep up! 🙂


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