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Day 13 – Cool Runnings November 27, 2011

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What a perfect evening for a run!


I was all set to go: got mah gear on, got mah shoes laced, got mah iPhone charged, and got mah mind psyched. This was gonna be great! The weather was cool…dare I say nippy? No, not yet…indeed, it was perfect running weather. The little voice inside my head said “10 laps, and if you can do that, try 12!” Yay!! The voice in my head was positive for once!! How grand!


I was rockin’ and rollin’, ladies and gentlemen. I was keeping good pace, making good time…I thought (in an Austin Powers voice, of course), “Yeah baby! I got mah mojo! I’m gonna hit the 5K mark today!”


But alas, it was not meant to be…


Halfway around my 8th lap, I felt a sharp shooting pain. It traveled up from the left side of my lower back, all the way up to the left side of my neck. At first I thought it was just a cramp; no worries, I can run through this. However, the pain was sharp and hindered my ability to continue. Unfortunately, I had to stop after lap eight. 😦 I walked for lap nine, and the pain seemed to subside. By the time I walked home, the pain was gone completely. I’ve never experienced a pain like this before. So fellow runners out there, I ask you: have you ever felt a pain such as I described? If so, what is it? I want a remedy in case it happens again…

I was hoping for the big 5K today, but alas, it was not meant to be. 😦



2 Responses to “Day 13 – Cool Runnings”

  1. Hasan Says:

    Welll, I’d say that it might be that your muscles are overworked. I’m not sure how often you run but if it’s too often then maybe a few break days would be good? I know that bodybuilders take a week off every 5-6 weeks for their bodies to rest up, even though they feel fine. Otherwise, I think that more stretching before and after every run (Especially back stretches, for that specific pain) should do the trick 🙂

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